Maddie's Pet Project

Maddie's Pet Project – Saving Nevada’s Pets

Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada aims to revolutionize the status and well-being of dogs and cats across the state.

• Support animal shelters, animal services agencies, and rescue organizations across the state to save healthy and treatable dogs and cats entering shelters.
• Engage and empower animal lovers in rural communities to create local safety nets for dogs and cats.
• Expand access to veterinary care in underserved communities, including rural, tribal, and low-income urban areas.
• Cultivate animal sheltering leadership—encourage new leaders, and support and develop existing leaders.

Nevadans Love Cats and Dogs
According to a 2018 survey:
• 93% of Nevadans have owned a pet
• 91% say the fate of dogs and cats in shelters matters to them
• 90% of Nevadans would be somewhat likely or very likely to help a stray animal
• 88% feel it is appropriate to grieve the death of a pet.
• 76% indicate they would be interested in helping cats and dogs in their community

Who Can Get Involved?
• Animal shelters, animal control agencies, and rescue groups
• Individuals who care about cats and dogs
• Veterinarians and others working in the field of animal health
• Human health and services agencies

Together, we can create a safety net for dogs and cats in our local communities and across Nevada.

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Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada is made possible by the generosity of the Nevada-based Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation as well as Maddie’s® Fund. The campaign is in memory of the Duffield’s beloved dog, Maddie.

In the latter part of 2016, Humane Network, a Nevada-based organization, conducted a statewide feasibility study for this campaign at the request of Maddie’s Fund®. In the fall of 2017, the campaign was funded; Humane Network is managing it through 2020. Humane Network was founded by Diane Blankenburg and Bonney Brown in 2007.

Current Projects
Las Vegas/Clark County Project: Supporting organizations and animal lovers in Clark County to increase adoptions from animal shelters and expand access to veterinary care.
I-80 Communities Project: Supporting organizations and animal lovers along the Interstate 80 corridor to increase adoptions from animal shelters and expand access to veterinary care.