Maddie's Pet Project

Maddie’s grant helps Boulder City cats and dogs

The cats and dogs of Boulder City will soon benefit from a $25,000 grant from Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada.

The check was presented in a ceremony Feb. 12 at a Boulder City council meeting.

“We are humbled and astounded at the generosity of Maddie's Pet Project, Humane Network and the Duffield Foundation – just humbled,” said Boulder City animal control supervisor Ann Inabnitt.

Of the total, $12,000 will be used to help with spay/neuter services that will be provided by Heaven Can Wait, a nonprofit in Las Vegas. Also, $10,000 will be used to promote adoptions of animals at the Boulder City shelter.

“The advertising portion will benefit the senior animals specifically,” Inabnitt said, “because we're going to use it for print ads and most of the people looking for senior animals are not online.”

And, finally, $3,000 is to be spent on the living arrangements of cats at the shelter. This might include buying cat “trees” and other furniture as well as development of a cattery room that will allow cats more freedom and interaction with other felines at the shelter, decreasing their stress and increasing their chances for adoption.

The grant is part of Maddie's® Pet Project three-year campaign to help existing shelters and rescue groups in Nevada find good homes for all healthy and treatable cats and dogs in the state. It is made possible by funding from Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, a private charitable foundation based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The Duffields are long-time benefactors of companion animal causes, education initiatives and veteran services, and are the founders of Maddie’s Fund®, a leading animal welfare foundation dedicated to revolutionizing the status and well-being of companion animals. They thoughtfully honor the spirit of their dog Maddie in their philanthropic pursuits to thank her for her love and companionship.

CAPTION: Front left to right, Police Chief Tim Shay, Officer Rebecca Schuster Officer Ann Inabnitt, Officer Brendan Hanson, Volunteer Donna Schweitzer, Ryan Peterson; Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada, Back left to right, Mayor Rod Woodbury, Councilman Kiernan McManus, Councilman Warren Harhay, Councilwoman Peggy Leavitt, Councilman Rich Schuman