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Grant guidelines for Maddie's Pet Project in Nevada

Please read thoroughly the following guidelines for grants from Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada. A grant application can be downloaded by clicking here.

The mission of Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada (MPP-NV) is to: Revolutionize the status and well-being of dogs and cats in the state of Nevada.

Create a sustainable statewide safety net for animals to:
•Empower organizations and communities to save all healthy and treatable dogs and cats entering shelters in all communities across the state. (The widely accepted benchmark of a live-release rate of 90% or better is a guideline.)
•Empower rural communities to create shelter-less humane communities.
•Cultivate leadership—support and develop existing leaders and encourage new leaders.

Develop a statewide network of humane organizations.
Create community engagement and pride regarding the value of animals and the rewards of helping them.
Create partnerships with human services and civic/social organizations, governments, and businesses.
Gather and use data to plan and adjust strategies, engage organizations, and assess progress.
Support animal welfare organizations in increasing their capacity.
Support and create leaders in animal welfare.
Increasing Live Release
Achieve success in Las Vegas and all of Clark County by saving all the healthy and treatable cats and dogs entering shelters.
•Expand the area of focus to additional counties.
Providing Access to Care
Focus on the I-80 corridor to create partnerships that provide access to care in rural communities and Indian reservations.
•Expand to additional communities.

The MPP-NV campaign is funded by Maddie’s Fund® and the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation for three years and is administered by Humane Network.

To be eligible for a grant through MPP-NV, organizations must meet the criteria listed below. Note that the details related to each of these requirements will be worked out between the organization and MPP-NV staff during the grant planning process and will be documented in the grant-award application and agreement.
•Be a Nevada-based 501(c)3 or government animal welfare organization focused on dogs and/or cats. (Other types of Nevada-based organizations or out-of- state 501(c)3 organizations may be considered on a case-by-case basis if the proposal furthers specific goals of the MPP-NV campaign.)
•Use funds to implement programs or deliver services that support the achievement of the goals of the MPP-NV campaign.
•Publicly share basic annual animal statistics on the organization’s website (generally applicable to shelter and rescue agencies).
•Participate in Shelter Animals Count (if applicable).
•Participate in the Million Cat Challenge (if applicable).
•Provide historic data and future statistics to MPP-NV. Type of data and level of detail to be mutually agreed upon.
•Be responsive to and stay in communication with MPP-NV staff.
•Report on how grant funds were spent and the results achieved. Depending upon the agreement for the specific grant funding, this may include a narrative report, photos, success stories, financial information, or other specific results, data or information.
•Agree to publicly share appreciation for Maddie (the dog who inspired the foundations that make the funding possible).

In general, grants given through Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada will be the result of discussions and planning between the organization and MPP-NV staff.

If you have questions about the grant request and application process or your organization's eligibility, MPP-NV staff are happy to answer questions and eager to work with you. Send your questions to

Each grant request and application will be reviewed and selection made based on the following criteria:
•Impact—Does the request improve the capacity of the organization and its ability to effectively deliver services that will produce results that support the mission of MPP-NV?
•Organization—Does the organization meet the eligibility criteria? Does the organization exhibit a capacity to utilize the grant effectively? Does the organization effectively communicate the number of animals and people served by the organization?
•Budget—Is the budget request clear and focused on the program, services, or project described?
•Communication—Is the organization responsive? Is communication with the organization clear? Is there a track record of reliability and appropriate communication? Are requested documents and information provided on a timely basis and well prepared?

All requests and applications will be rated on the above listed criteria and reviewed by the organization’s primary contacts within the MPP-NV campaign and the campaign leadership with final approval by the funders. We anticipate that the timeframe, once the grant application is completed, will generally take between four to six weeks. We will strive to keep the processing time as short as possible.