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Kitten covered in Liquid Nails gets help thanks to Nevada connections

An elder in the Yerington Paiute Tribe found a kitten underneath her house last week covered in Liquid Nails and an infection on top of that.

Animal control officer Tommy Guttierez contacted Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada about finding someplace that could help the kitten. We found an organization that agreed to provide veterinary care: Nevada Humane Society.

Tommy and his wife drove the kitten Friday night to Reno, and the staff at Nevada Humane Society has been caring for her since. The plan is to get the kitten healthy and then spay her. The elder says she would like to adopt the kitten.

While in Reno, Nevada Humane Society supplied Guttierez with donated pet food to support his efforts helping cats and dogs on the Yerington Paiute reservation.

CAPTION: Tommy from the Yerington Paiute Tribe brought a very sick kitten to Reno, where Morgan from Nevada Humane Society examines her.

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