Animal Wellfare Professionals

Leadership Cultivation

Running a shelter, animal control agency, or rescue group can be so challenging that important leadership activities often take a back seat: networking with colleagues at other organizations, keeping up with the latest best practices, and learning about innovations in the field.

We’re here to help. One of the top goals of Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada is to support existing leaders and cultivate new ones. We do this through a number of different approaches:

Free conferences in Nevada: We plan two Saving Nevada’s Pets conferences each year, one in the south and one in the north. These feature workshops with shelter leaders from around the country, experts in shelter medicine and behavior, and inspirational marketing and social media speakers.
Scholarships to attend conferences: We offer a limited number of scholarships for travel and expo fees to leaders and top staff of Nevada animal organizations so they can attend national conferences as well as our own Saving Nevada’s Pets conferences.
Webinars: Based on feedback from those running Nevada organizations, we are developing webinars that can be watched any time on topics such as animal handling, avoiding burnout, and developing foster and other volunteer programs.
Consulting: We offer free in-shelter consultations with veterinarians and shelter experts to work with directly with you on everything from the big picture to individual programs and processes.
Networking: We help connect leaders from similar Nevada organizations so they can share ideas and learn how others handled challenges they are facing.

To get connected with one of our Outreach Managers, email or call 800-995-6795.

CAPTION: Animal welfare leaders from across Nevada attend the 2018 HSUS Animal Care Expo in Kansas City.