Animal Wellfare Professionals

How more cats and dogs can leave Nevada shelters alive

Increasing live release rates is a goal of most shelters, but sometimes barriers get in the way of helping every healthy or treatable cat and dog find a new home. That’s where Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada can work with your organization to find solutions together. Find grant information here

Whether big dogs, small dogs, newborn kittens, or feral cats are your biggest challenge, our Outreach Managers can work with you on developing and maintaining programs that take into account the issues faced in your specific community. These programs may address decreasing intakes by helping people keep their existing pets, increasing adoptions by new or improved marketing strategies, getting the residents in your area more involved, or building your organization’s capacity. Here are a few programs we will be working on over the course of the three-year campaign with Nevada animal shelters, rescue organizations, and volunteers:

•Fostering neonatal kittens until they are old enough to be adopted.
•Focusing marketing efforts on specific types of animals such as Chihuahuas, large-breed dogs, or adult cats.
•Offering consulting support to assess and streamline adoption processes and shelter-flow challenges.
•Transporting long-term shelter residents to see if a new environment will bring more success.
•Starting or expanding an off-site adoption location.
•Creating a pet-food pantry and other services aimed at senior, low-income, and homeless populations.
•Developing trap-neuter-return and other community cat programs that keep feral populations under control.
•Forming a “friends of the shelter” group to support animal services shelters where needed or foster-based rescue groups in underserved communities.

Data gathering can help shelters assess the most significant needs and opportunities – and can demonstrate progress to boards of directors, donors, and government officials. We can help with that, too. Or if a more in-depth look is called for, we have veterinarians and other expert consultants ready to offer in-person support at no cost to the organizations.

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