Maddie's Pet Project

1,665 Cats and Dogs Adopted for Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days

by Kimberly Wade

Kimberly and Newton

Fifty-five shelters and rescue groups participated in Nevada’s largest free pet adoption event yet. It was organized by Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada, a three-year campaign aimed at helping more homeless cats and dogs find good homes and creating a safety net for pets by improving access to veterinary care in the Silver State.

A total of 1,030 dogs and 635 cats are now in loving homes thanks to the event held November 16 and 17. More than 20 other animals were adopted, too, including rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Shelters and rescue groups participated in Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days in 17 communities: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, Carson City, Silver Springs, Ely, Elko, Fallon, Fernley, Yerington, Winnemucca, Mesquite, Boulder City, Henderson and Pahrump. In order to enable shelters to waive adoption fees, Maddie’s Pet Project is awarding participating organizations $300 for each cat and dog adopted out November 16-17 to cover sheltering expenses, just in time for the holiday next week.

The Animal Foundation adopted out 109 dogs and 58 cats during the event, including a dog named PJ. PJ’s adopters, recently engaged, had a one-year-old Dalmatian mix at home, Jack, who loves other dogs and to play. The one thing Jack was missing was a companion to play with. When they saw PJ, a one-year-old pit bull mix, they loved how friendly he was. Now PJ is being trained as a ring bearer for their wedding!

Fallon Animal Welfare Group had 31 cats and kittens available for adoption during the event, and all of them found loving homes, many in pairs. One adopter, a Navy veteran, is a foster parent for the group when he is in town. He shared a bond with his most recent foster cat, Elvira, so when he got the news his deployment was over, he was able to adopt her as his own.

58 dogs and 51 cats went home from Nevada SPCA, one of them a long-term cat. Snickers, a 7-year-old cat, had been there for well over a year. She was never the first cat to greet visitors and mostly kept to herself. One woman came in specifically to meet Snickers and Snickers was immediately affectionate with her, rubbing her head against her hands. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Snickers went home!” exclaimed Erin Megin, social media director for Nevada SPCA in Las Vegas.

Other groups also saw a large number of animals go home. Hearts Alive Village in Las Vegas adopted 70 dogs and 45 cats, Nevada Humane Society adopted 87 dogs and 112 cats between its Reno and Carson City shelters, and the SPCA of Northern Nevada adopted out 40 dogs and 35 cats.

The adoption event was made possible by Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada thanks to funding from Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation and Maddie's Fund®. Their generosity is inspired by their miniature schnauzer Maddie.

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Caption: Maddie’s® Pet Project aims to increase live release rates for dogs and cats in Nevada shelters and rescue organizations and support access to care in underserved communities in Nevada. This initiative is made possible by the generosity of the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, #ThanksToMaddie.