Nevada Shelters Help Transport Pets

Nevada shelters team up to find homes for 49 cats, 6 rabbits with transport to Reno

When animal lovers work together, there is not much that they cannot accomplish. This is one of the underlying beliefs of Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada. So when we spoke to the team at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, the largest animal shelter in Nevada, and they said they could use help with cat placement we made a connection with Nevada Humane Society in Reno. There are times of the year where shelters in Washoe County are low on cats, and they were happy to help out.

"We were pleased with this transfer arrangement with Nevada Humane Society because they took cats that were having trouble finding positive outcomes,” said Alec Petronsky, a foster and animal relocation specialist at The Animal Foundation. "These were cats that were either having some medical issues or some behavior issues and that simply weren't going to be easy to get adopted."

A total of 49 cats and 6 rabbits were transported April 12 from Las Vegas to Reno by Nevada Humane Society and Maddie’s® Pet Project staff.

The effort was the first coordinated transport of the new three-year campaign called Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada. Its goals include increasing the number of cats and dogs leaving Nevada shelters alive. Transports are a good short-term solution while other programs, such as adoption promotion and programs that help keep pets in their homes and out of shelters take hold. By moving animals from shelters that have a surplus of pets to another where the opportunity for adoption is higher, lives can be saved quickly.

"In Reno and Washoe County, we've had a successful live-release rate for years, and we're starting to see the benefits, the rewards of our mission," Pat Perry, Cat Care Manager of Nevada Humane Society said. "We don't have as many animals coming into the shelter as we did years ago, so we have the space, we have the resources, we have the staff, so why not jump in to help other shelters get animals saved and adopted into homes?”

"It makes me feel good because a lot of times cats are kind of an afterthought in the whole shelter process—it's usually about dogs, but cats kind of get left behind," Alec said. "So I'm really glad this is happening and it's something I hope we can continue in the future."

View cats available for adoption at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas here and cats available for adoption at Nevada Humane Society here.

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