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Transport from Yerington Paiute Tribe to Reno helps 4 dogs

Tommy Gutierrez needed help with four little dogs who were causing a lot of stress for a Yerington Paiute Tribe elder.

He’s the tribe’s new animal control officer, and he mentioned the situation to Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada when we contacted him to learn about the tribe’s needs regarding cats and dogs.

The elder had taken in the dogs in order to help people who couldn't care for them, but they kept escaping and Tommy would regularly have to catch them at large. The elder was constantly worried they would get hit or picked off by predators.

The tribe does not have an indoor shelter, but rather outdoor kennels intended for very short stays.

So we contacted the SPCA of Northern Nevada to see if they had room. They did. Within 24 hours, they were en route to Reno.

“It was a huge help,” Tommy said. “She was concerned about these animals for so long. When I told her they were going to a no-kill shelter, you could see the relief on her face. With those four dogs gone, she’s now better able to care for her own two dogs.”

The SPCA of Northern Nevada reports all four have been adopted!

Coordinating this type of transport meshes with Maddie's® Pet Project’s primary goal: working with existing animal organizations to create a safety net for cats and dogs in need across Nevada.

If you work for a Nevada animal welfare organization and would like to learn more about transport opportunities – either sending or receiving – please contact us at

CAPTION: Tommy Guitierrez, animal control officer for the Yerington Paiute Tribe, holds a dog who was transported to the SPCA of Northern Nevada.