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What is Maddie's® Pet Assistant?

Maddie's® Pet Assistant (MPA) is a FREE app, developed by Maddie's Fund®, to follow up with adopters or foster caregivers once a pet is placed in a home.

How does it work?
Once your organization’s data is imported or entered into the MPA Website, your caregivers will receive an email with guidance on how to download and log into the app.

If your organization uses Animal Shelter Manager, PetPoint, Shelterluv or Shelter Buddy shelter management software, Maddie's® Pet Assistant can automatically import your organization's data. If not, you can simply manually enter your pets', adopters' and/or foster caregivers' data directly into the MPA website.

Caregivers download the app to their phones or tablets and answer pet health and behavior surveys on specific days throughout the first month of care. Depending on their responses, the caregiver will receive immediate advice and resources directly on their phone.

Other benefits:
•  Automatic vaccination reminders
•  Weight tracking
•  Pet bio, photo and video submissions
•  Adoption experience data, and more…

MPA hopes to address common concerns quickly so you can spend your valuable time on the more complex cases. Think of it as another tool in your toolbox to help animals succeed in their journey beyond the shelter.

If you'd like more basic information, check out this short video on how MPA works.

Interested in testing the app yourself? Fill out this quick request form at the bottom of the Maddie’s Pet Assistant webpage.

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Maddie’s Fund® is a national family foundation established by Dave & Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals.